Shelley Mezzich


About Shelley

Shelley Mezzich is a self-taught artist and mainly paints in acrylics. She has had the good fortune of extensive travel all over the world and uses her photography of these places as inspiration for her work. She has always been an artist at heart but didn’t get serious about painting until 2015. This was partly due to recent severe hearing loss. This can be a lonely condition, but she has embraced painting as a sort of therapy and friend to her. She finds great comfort in painting and especially loves the reactions of those she gifts paintings to. Commissioned work is coming in for her now and she gladly accepts the challenge. To get your own custom painting , please follow Shelley’s Art Studio 1 on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.


Shelley is proud to be a part of the art auction, “The Joys of Living in Floyd County.” She came to know Floyd County very well while working there and enjoyed visiting the Chick-fil-A. It’s a place that holds a special meaning for her. Shelley grew up in the same town as the owner, Truett Cathy. And had attended the same church where he was a Sunday school teacher for 50 years. In fact, her grandmother was Mrs. Cathy’s hairdresser. When trying to decide on a subject to paint for the auction, she thought of all the things she loves about Floyd County. Great people, antique shops, beautiful parks, Berry Campus, historic homes and downtown. But, her childhood memories drew her to pay homage to the Truett’s vintage bar at the new Chick-fil-A restaurant and it’s beloved owner, Mr. Truett Cathy.

Lunch at Truett’s -Shelley Mezzich