Ruth Demeter


About Ruth

I’ve been using art as a tool for expression and healing for a long time, but sporadically! COVID-19 drove me into a new phase of my art. I’ve taken up exploring and mixing several media, including spray paint, acrylics, and found objects to create works that speak to the great changes I see in the world, mirrored in my own experience.


Many of my works this year are about expressing emotions that aren’t necessarily at the forefront for most of us in 2020 like joy, playfulness and gratitude. And in my pieces of color blocking, I’m doing my best to resolve my own experience of the fragmented world.


I encourage everyone to play with paint and color. One of my favorite artists of all time, Sark, had this to say about how to paint (on a poster I keep in my art space). “How to paint: Put your ego, critic, judge in a drawer. Lock it…. Experiment. Keep going. Make more mistakes…. This is painting. You are a painter.”