Moriah's First Term Goals

What you should expect from Moriah Medina's first term as Clerk of Superior Court.

With Election Day drawing near, many people are still gathering information about their local candidates as they make their final decisions. I believe that it is every candidate's responsibility to establish clear goals for their upcoming term. So, what should you expect from me? When you vote for Moriah Medina, what are you voting for?

1. Employee Retention

For years, the Floyd County Clerk's office has struggled with high employee turnover. In the past 12 years it has cost tax payers over $200,000 in hiring/retraining costs. My goal for my first term will be to cut employee turnover in half, saving the county $32,000 in my first term.

This goal may seem ambitious, but I have had a long career in professions that are notorious for their high turnover rates. The service, retail, and hospitality industries all struggle to retain a high quality staff, but because of this, there have been incredible innovations in past few years. I have been very blessed to work with employers who have allowed me to attend seminars and training that focuses on management and team building. I've learned how to build, encourage, and retain a dedicated team regardless of the demands of the job or the pay of the position.

2. Modernization

Floyd County has been working with an antiquated system in the Clerk's Office for far too long. We have missed mandated deadlines to keep up with Georgia Code and are struggling to make needed changes to increase efficiency and take advantage of new technologies. As the world around us becomes more digital, we can't rely on methods from the past to keep up with demands.

In my first term as Clerk of Superior Court, I will create an action plan to update the Clerk's office.

The standard for Floyd County should not be to wait until there is a mandate requiring action and then scramble at the last minute only to be behind on the deadline. I will bring Floyd County's Clerk's Office forward so we can start to benefit from a faster, safer, and more efficient court system.

3. Accountability

There are always things that will happen that are completely out of our control, but a leader should always be looking to improve the things that they have accepted responsibility for. I hope that by giving clear expectations of what Floyd County should expect from the Clerk's position, that I am held accountable throughout my first term. I don't make promises that I do not intend to keep and I encourage the citizens of Floyd County to ask questions, check in, and make sure that I am holding myself to a standard that would do us all proud!

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